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Every time it rains on a wedding day I always hear someone say “You know, rain on your wedding day means good luck”. Whether this is true or not it seems that people are always trying to make light of the situation. Rain doesn’t have to be the worst thing that happened to you. As a Bride myself I opted for an indoor wedding because I didn’t want the stress of the rainy wedding possibility. I wish I didn’t let this control all of my decisions.

When I sit down with a Bride and Groom there’s always the question, “So what do you do if it rains?” I’m here to tell you that overcast skies mean your colors will be vibrant and you will still have beautiful portraits. I don’t know a single Bride that wishes for rain on her wedding day but just in case it happens I’m going to share with you a few things I tell each and every couple I meet with.

1. To get bright, bold, beautiful portraits all you need is a porch. Something to cover you from the rain. As long as the porch isn’t painted black you can still get a light and airy look.

2. I bring several clear umbrellas with me. If it’s pouring rain we’ll opt for somewhere covered but most times we can step out with umbrellas for the group shots.

3. Having a clear shower curtain is the perfect thing to put under your dress to keep it from getting muddy. I’ll pack one in my bag and bring it to our portrait time. These big bags also help keep my lenses protected from water and these clear door hanger bags are perfect for over my flashes.

4. Let me worry about your pictures. Your wedding day is filled with enough things to think about and I’ll be sure to do some extra scouting before hand to find a covered location or two for your first look, romantic portraits, and bridal party.

5. Have a rain plan for your venue but let your vendors handle to forecast. Worrying about what will happen if it rains is not something you need to focus on. We’ll take it one step at a time.

Below were some of the beautiful shots I took during the couple’s portrait time on a rainy wedding day. Don’t take my word for it, read below a few words from the bride.

“We loved having Kara capture all the little moments of our wedding day! She made us feel so comfortable and she was great at directing the bridal party and family members while helping us have fun. It was a little rainy during some of the time we took pictures, and she was able to turn that around and used it to take some of my favorite photos of the day! We still look back at pictures and love the way she captured it!”

-Drew & Kaylynn W.

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