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Looking for My 2022 Senior Representative

Calling all Seniors! I am looking for my 2022 Senior Representative!

Your senior year is the pinnacle of your adolescence. It’s a time filled with energy, celebration, major transitions, and a sense of freedom you only get during this year.

You’re finally done. (Yay!)
You’re closing the book on this chapter. While at the same time you’re writing the first word on the first page of the rest of your life.

There is a radiance that can only be held by young men and women during their senior year. An inner light that comes with a dual sense of completion and anticipation. The hopeful outlook on their future, and the desire to jump feet first into their dreams.

This is why I created the Kara Hanes Senior Rep Program and I am looking for my 2022 Senior Representative!
Looking for my 2022 Senior Representative

To become a senior representative is to become a spokesperson for Kara Hanes Photography. While you also receive exclusive access to special discounts and earnings. This is a unique opportunity for seniors in the Ottawa County area to get gorgeous, professional senior portraits while encouraging their peers to document their radiance as well. 

Many students opt-out of senior portraits in fear of looking showy. Or because they feel too shy. They’re nervous to get professional photos taken of themselves. Or for some families, it just falls to the way-side. When you become a Senior Rep, you lead by example and spread a message of confidence, celebration, and worthiness.

You encourage your peers to honor themselves in this very rare, very special time of their lives. 

The thrill of the future can be fleeting, and your senior portraits are a way for you to bottle it. A way to make a moment stand still and remind you of a time when the world looked brilliant, bright, and full of opportunity. 

I want to capture that feeling so you can look back when you’re burning the midnight oil studying in college. When you’re paying your dues at your first job. When you’re in the thick of working towards your dreams, I want you to remember how you felt during your senior year. The anticipation you had to be where you are right now. I want to remind you of the part of you that believed anything was possible. 

For the Senior Representative Program, I am looking for 2021 juniors within 40 miles of 49401, who will be graduating in 2022.

I am looking for bright, young men and women who enjoy being in front of the camera. Who actively participate in social media, and who are excited to spread the word about Kara Hanes Photography. 

The Senior Rep should be a reflection of the class of 2022.

An individual who is authentic, energetic, motivated, and spreads a message of self-love and inner confidence. A person who believes in lifting up their peers and encouraging others to celebrate their accomplishments.  

If this sounds like you or your senior, you’re going to want to read this.

The application process for the Senior Rep Program is now open and I will announce selections shortly after submission. For the chosen applicants, I will conduct a senior photoshoot session with unlimited outfit changes. He/She will also be provided with my Senior Session Style Guide to help get ideas, inspiration, and photoshoot guidance.

The photos are featured across social media channels like Facebook & Instagram, as well as the blog. I encourage the Senior and their family and friends to share them as well.

The Senior will also receive a pack of 50 cards with your favorite photo printed free of charge. 

The goal is to spread the word to your peers, family, and friends. The more people you refer, the more you earn. 

Senior Reps get an exclusive 50% off, discounted rate for the photoshoot and the senior must be able to schedule the session before May 30th, 2021. 

Other perks include…

  • Each senior that books with Kara Hanes Photography and mentions your name will receive $30 off their session, and you will receive a $20 print credit. 
  • Refer 5 seniors and earn a free friends portrait session where you get the squad together for a special photoshoot to capture your favorite relationships. 
  • Refer 10 seniors and earn a free family portrait session. *Mom and Dad, you’re going to want to get in on this!* For your immediate family only, get a free photo session and capture this special time in your family’s life. 

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you or your senior, please apply here!  

You get senior photos done to capture the essence of what this time means for you.

It’s a way for you to represent yourself to the world in a new way. Allow your friends, family, teachers, and peers to see how far you’ve come. Give them a preview of the incredibly successful person you’re on your way to be. 

Aside from the celebratory means, you can use your senior pictures in multiple facets. You can use them as professional headshots when applying for jobs. They can provide a refreshing update for your social media. You can also use them on personal websites, blogs, portfolios, and a variety of different platforms. 

For just a moment, I want you to put your 10-20-30 year blinders on for me. I know it can be hard to imagine, but these are the photos you’re going to show your kids someday.

These photos are going to be an active representation of who you are right now, and act as a time capsule for your life.

When you look at them you’re going to see more than just ink on paper, or a bunch of digital pixels. You’re going to see memories. They’re going to tell a story that can only be told from your point of view. 

I do the Senior Rep Program because it’s too easy to get wrapped up in the business of senior year. I don’t want you to miss out on the chance to preserve it.

A lot of students desire to get their photos taken, but need a boost in confidence to do it. Moms can force it. Photographers like me can explain all day long why it’s meaningful. Yet, sometimes they just need to be inspired by the courage of a peer. When you become a Senior Representative you provide that. Leading by example, and encouraging others to take pride in their growth and accomplishment. 

If this sounds like you, you’re the kind of person I want YOU as my Senior Rep! 

I am looking for my 2022 Senior Representative! For more information please see the Senior Rep Program page, or apply here!

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