As a teenager my friends and I absolutely loved the movie Now and Then. I recently watched it again and all the fun memories of being that age came rushing back. Most recently my favorite show that jumps back and forth in time is This Is Us. It’s the nostalgia of it all that sparks memories and reminds me of where I came from. Sometimes there are memories I would never want to relive and believe me, I have a lot of those. However, in order to be who I am today I have to look back at the things I’ve been through that shaped me into who I am now.

Not too long ago I was encouraged to post some photos on social media of where I started and where I am now. As I was looking through some of them I was laughing, cringing, and smiling as I saw some of the memories coming rushing back. Every frustration, camera malfunction, loss of focus, and photography trend grew me into the photographer I am today. I can look back on each and every one of those moments and remember what I learned from it.

Today I’m going to show you some of my work from when I started until this year. Now I have to ask you to be kind. I know a lot of these aren’t the best of the best. I’m not even saying that I have it all figured out now. What I am saying is that my style and brand have certainly evolved and I have figured out who I am, how to create beautiful light in my images, and to make my clients shine. So if you’re someone starting something new in your life right now. I encourage you in this moment, right now to think about how we all start somewhere and it can only get better from here.

I love this one because this family has been with me from the beginning. The first one on the left was from their session 10 years ago.
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0007.jpg
Now this one is hysterical and I wouldn’t normally post my clients like this, however this is my sister and her family. With four young kids and one set of twins this made the best Christmas Card that year. I’m pretty sure the title was “Joy To The World” the one on the right is of their family this year.

Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0009.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0010.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0001.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0004.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0006.jpg
Danielle Plank,
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0002.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0015.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0012.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0011.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0013.jpg
Now and Then photography- Kara Hanes_0003.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and feel encourage. If I can start somewhere so can you!

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