How fortunate am I to be able to do life next to someone who is my best friend?  It’s crazy, that we’ve been married for more than 5,113 days, even crazier that our lives look nothing like we thought they would when we said “I do” fourteen years ago. The truth is, the journey isn’t perfect, but the truth of it is that all these years we’ve come to know who we are a bit more. We grew as individuals but also grew together as a couple as we pursued the things that make our hearts shine! 14 years ago we were only in our early 20s. Some can see that as a struggle but the joy is that we not only grew as a couple but we grew as ourselves too. Throw some kids into the mix and it makes for an interesting story.

I love that Ben is pursuing his dream of running. He has signed up for many marathons in the last year and I’m so proud of his dream of adventure. For me it’s a little different. My dream is to spend more time pausing in the moments to remember them for a life time. I think this is why I’m constantly brought back to photography. Documenting life is one of my greatest joys. The hard part is deciding what is worth documenting and what is worth just living. Ben is always my great advocate for remembering when to put the camera down and just live in the moment.

If year 14 will be anything like year 13 it will be full of adventure, growth, parenting woes, and moments to just be with one another. If there is one legacy I could dream to leave my kids with is letting them know how much I love their dad.

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14 Years deep in the marriage game

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