Michelle is the face behind the camera at Michelle Kristine Photography. She has officially been in business for about 2 years and is based in the Ada/Grand Rapids Michigan area. She’s had a love of photography since she was  a little girl, during college she took many photography classes, but had no idea how to parlay it into a career. Fast  forward 20 years, many moves, 1 husband, 2 kids, a dog, careers in graphic design and account management and  itch of taking pictures that never went away. She’s the one I talk to whenever trying to figure out the technical side of photography and when I need the work/motherhood balance validation. I’m excited to welcome my friend and colleague  Michelle Smigielski.

Drinking Coke Zero even though Chai Latte is her favorite

  1. Michelle’s Background
  2. Kara’s Background
  3. What has changed for Michelle in the last year
  4. Kara’s day to day
  5. How we share parent responsibilities
  6. Self Care
  7. Why we’re both seeking Physical Therapy

“when I realize it’s a super busy season I realize i need to take a break. that doesn’t mean i’m not working at all but i need to not respond to emails right away or just sit an watch a movie or read a book, or clean my house. That is my self care.” – Kara Hanes

It all goes back that bill of rights we were told “You can have it all” but you really can’t – Michelle

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Episode 009: Juggling Motherhood with Michelle Kristine Photography

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