Meet The Crew

the associates

As a Michigan based light, airy & feminine photographer, I strive to capture all of life's precious moments that you'll be able to look back on for years to come! I have been dragging my camera with me everywhere for over a decade, but just recently taken my hobby & turning it into something more! I joined the Kara Hanes Wedding team in 2023 and I'm excited to meet new couples.

As you know, I'm the owner of Kara Hanes Photography. This is my full time job and I absolutely love doing this. What you may not know is that I have other team members that come on board for associate photographers. I want to make sure I introduce you to all of us, because you’ll most definitely be meeting some of them along the way or at your wedding. 

Kara Hanes

Alleigh Chrzan

Hi friends ! My name is Caledonia, but most people call me Cali. Kara and I met in nation wide photographers group and realized we were both located in Michigan. We got to talking and discovered we were so similar in our goals as photographers that we had to work with one another. I've been photographing weddings in West Michigan with my husband and I'm excited to meet you at a Kara Hanes Wedding!

Cali Phillips

Kara and I met in a local photography group in Grand Rapids and love getting together and pretty much text each other weekly. I've been photographing families for years and I'm excited to jump into the wedding industry. I love capturing real life, real connections, and real personalities so I'll most likely be the one in the wings making sure all those candid shots are represented!

Cara Olson

Kara and I are what we call the dream team. When she's not helping me associate shoot weddings for my business I'm helping her. (community over competition) I have experience in both photography and video so you get an all around experience when I'm on the team for your day. I grew up in Ludington Michigan and participated in 4-H where my love of animals began. Chances are if you have pets in your wedding I'm bound to fall in love with them.

Kelly Meyer