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Podcast Show Notes

Episode 026: How Photographers are ruining the client experience with Miranda Eorio

In this episode of the Cameras in Coffee podcast, Kara Hanes engages in a candid conversation with Miranda Eorio, a passionate family photographer from central Pennsylvania. The discussion kicks off with Miranda’s journey into photography, inspired by capturing precious moments of her daughter’s early years. As the conversation unfolds, Kara and Miranda explore the pitfalls that photographers may encounter, focusing on aspects that can negatively impact the client experience.

Miranda further sheds light on her foray into photography education, emphasizing the importance of addressing the gaps she experienced during her early years, especially in posing, lighting, and business strategies. The hosts delve into various topics, from sharing rights of images to the delicate balance of pricing strategies and client communication.

The episode takes a noteworthy turn as they discuss the potential pitfalls of raising prices at the beginning of the year and the benefits of doing so during peak seasons. Miranda advocates for transparent pricing on websites, sharing her approach to gradually raising prices with each booked client for a smoother transition.

The conversation wraps up with insights into managing client expectations, handling requests for not sharing images on social media, and fostering open communication to ensure a positive client experience. Join the discussion for a revealing look into the world of family photography, education, and navigating the intricacies of client relationships.

Miranda sheds light on the numerous benefits of incorporating blogging into a photography business. From enhancing SEO to showcasing diverse galleries and fostering client engagement, blogging proves to be a valuable tool for photographers looking to expand their reach and establish a strong online presence.

The hosts discuss practical strategies for overcoming the common challenges photographers face when it comes to finding time for blogging. Miranda shares her personal experiences and emphasizes the role of blogging in connecting with clients and prospects on a deeper level.

The episode delves into the SEO advantages of blogging, unraveling the mystery behind how consistent and thoughtful blog posts can significantly impact a photographer’s visibility on search engines. Miranda offers insights into selecting keywords, optimizing images, and structuring blog content to enhance its searchability.

As the conversation unfolds, Kara and Miranda explore the art of storytelling through blogs, capturing the essence of a photography session beyond the images. They discuss how sharing the backstory, client experiences, and the photographer’s perspective can create a compelling narrative that resonates with the audience.

Miranda provides practical tips for streamlining the blogging process, including time management strategies and leveraging AI tools. The hosts also discuss the importance of showcasing a photographer’s personality and expertise through blogs, building a connection with the audience beyond the visual artistry.

For photographers seeking to elevate their online presence, boost SEO, and connect with their audience on a more profound level, this episode serves as a valuable guide to the world of blogging. Join Hanes and Miranda as they unravel the secrets and benefits of weaving captivating stories through blogs, ultimately enhancing the overall client experience and business success.

Episode Outline

[00:00] Episode intro

[00:18] Introduction of the guest, Miranda Eorio, a seasoned family photographer from central Pennsylvania.

[00:15] Miranda shares her journey into photography

[07:30] The Role of Communication in the Client Experience.

[15:00] Transparency in Pricing and the Photographer’s Dilemma

[17:24] Pros and cons of incrementally raising prices for each new client.

[18.08] Discussion on the controversial topic of pricing transparency on websites.

[26:42] Miranda shares experiences of handling client objections and maintaining professionalism.

[28:20] Fear of losing clients due to price increment as you do rebranding

[40:44] Explaining on handling family sessions photography and how to choose the best.

[44:14] Introduction to the importance of blogging and SEO for family photographers.

[48:44] Delving deep into the golden hour.

[55:10] Setting the stage for the episode’s focus on strategies and techniques to enhance online visibility and attract more clients.

[56:57] Exploring the impact of blogging on client engagement and business growth.

[58:38] Addressing common challenges photographers face when it comes to blogging, such as time constraints and content creation.

[1:01:30] Summarizing the key points discussed in the episode.

[1:01:52] Episode wrap up

[1:02:36] The end.

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