Are you a photographer struggling to run an effective senior spokesmodel team? 

In this episode of Cameras and Coffee, Kara invites Raelyn, a senior spokesmodel and senior sister, to discuss running an effective senior spokesmodel team in photography. Raelyn discusses her experience as a spokesmodel in her first year and shares its learning curve.  

Listen in to learn the importance of motivating senior spokesmodel team members to enhance their commitment level throughout the season. You will also learn the importance of bonding and building relationships within the team by creating a supportive and fun environment. 

What You Will Discover: 

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [05:17] How Raelyn found out about the spokesmodel team and decided to apply.
  • [09:48] Raelyn’s experience as a spokesmodel, overcoming shyness and connecting with new people.
  • [13:24] The desire for more bonding and commitment from team members in the first year. 
  • [17:08] How communication between parents and photographers helps with planning sessions.
  • [19:09] Getting to know clients and building a relationship with them during the session.
  • [21:31] Raelyn on her desire to be on a team and how she enjoys being a mentor for the team.
  • [24:05] Kara and Raelyn discuss the upcoming plans for the senior spokesmodel team.
  • [27:15] How to plan for senior year, including booking a photographer and applying for scholarships. 
  • [29:05] How the unique aspects of Kara’s platform allow for running an effective senior spokesmodel team.  
  • [30:49] The benefits of leaving applications open longer and planning for the upcoming season. 
  • [33:27] The benefits of having open applications, room for growth and change, and learning from other teams.

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Episode 014: Running An Effective Senior Spokesmodel Team

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