10 Things Photographers Wont Tell You

1.) It hurts our feelings when you say we’re too expensive. 

When you say that our prices are getting too high, it feels like you’re saying that our work isn’t worth what you’re paying. There are so many business costs involved such as: taxes, a studio, equipment, website fees, insurance etc… Now I understand that you’re hoping to get your money’s worth and that you need to be on a budget. Believe me I’m mostly Dutch. But when you ask us for a discount that is time spent away from our families and friends and eats in to our income as well.

2.) Your pictures will be better if you let us be in charge.

Hopefully you chose your photographer because you like their images.  When you try to micromanage the shoot by telling us how to pose you or continuously ask to see the pictures in the camera, it makes us feel like you don’t trust us and instantly kills the creativity of the session.

Pro Tip: If you feel awkward chances are it looks awkward.

No I won’t have you close your eyes, you’re not sleeping. My Specific photography style is more relaxed, natural, and I hope you’ll be your comfortable selves in front of my lens. I don’t do a lot of “posing” I ask my clients… when you place this in your home, what do you want to see on the wall? Your family pretending to be happy and everyone awkwardly smiling at the camera or ya’ll having a good time, laughing together enjoying yourselves while showing your personalities.

(Yes, I’m guilty of asking clients to close their eyes, no more! As soon as a tried it I instantly regretted it.)

Here is my lovely friend Courtney and her family.

Comment Below… What’s your favorite?

There is no right or wrong answer.

It’s a personal opinion.

A: Formal?


B: Casual?rosefamily-24

3.) Mom you look beautiful!

I’m one of the most guilty of this: I don’t feel beautiful, I look fat today, my hair isn’t right. But guess what? When I listen to my photographer and do exactly what he/she tells me to do, I often find that I LOVE the way I look when I see the final images. A good photographer knows how to position her subjects and herself to capture the most flattering pictures. If she tells you to put your chin down, for heaven’s sake, DO IT. She knows how to pose you so that you look as photogenic as the rest of ‘em.


Photo Credit: My second shooter and lovely friend Amanda from Willow Photo & Design

4.) Dad, don’t be grumpy

It’s one of the most common topics between photographers: fussy, grumpy dads. So let me give it to you straight: Dad, I already know that this is not your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning, but it’s one hour and you’re here, so why not make the best of it? I’ve always found that the dad’s attitude can make or break the shoot… if he’s low-key and showing a little love, Mom can relax and the photos will reflect a genuine family connection. If he’s uptight, cranky, and critical, Mom is stressed and the tension rubs off on everyone else. No one wants to look back at their family photos and remember how everyone was walking on eggshells. I promise to make the shoot as painless as possible.

Look at the fun you’d be missing out on.


Photo Credit: Amanda from Willow Photo & Design

5.) Not another one you saw this on Pinterest

Believe me, I’m guilty of getting my inspiration from Pinterest but NO we will not do every cliche’. Wouldn’t you want your photos to reflect you and your personality?


(Ouch, I probably just offended half of you. Believe me, I did this once too!)

Pro Tip: Nothing ever looks like it does on Pinterest.

6.) Competing for Attention with Devices.

Statistics show that 40% of photos at a wedding get ruined by family and guests stealing attention. Think about it, yes you want photos now but the bride and groom paid someone to document and those aren’t the copies they’re going to mount on the wall.


7.) Let me finish when I’m ready

When you ask if your photos are ready sooner than we stated we feel rushed. For my clients I offer teasers through Facebook, my blog, instagram, and my e-mail subscription. We live in a microwave society where we want everything right away but trust me, if you give your photographer time, they can perfect your gallery instead of giving you images they finished quickly.

8.) We feel hurt when you steal from us

taking images without purchase is illegal. When paying for a session fee you are purchasing consulting and shooting time along with creativity to cull and edit your images. With this you have purchased just that.

9.) You want to know if you can have all the unedited images?

most photographers shoot all images in digital RAW format meaning they have to compress the images after editing in order for clients to use them via .jpeg

Pro Tip: Most photographers take multiple photographs of the same images and pick the best ones, you’re not missing out on much. Have you ever looked at a word over and over again until it looks like something else? Our Job is to make your images look one of a kind. You wouldn’t want to accidentally use an image where Uncle Bill’s eyes are closed would you? 

10.) It means the world to us when being recognized. 

After spending time with you in person, via e-mail and staring at your beautiful faces for hours in our digital dark room we want to know you care. I know it seems silly, but this is such an incredible way to say, “Hey, we hired our photographer and we love what he/she did!” I am proud to say that referrals are my main source of bookings, so when you credit me, it helps my business immensely! If you are unsure how to credit, all you have to do is add a caption or tag my business by typing in: @karahanesphotography If that isn’t pulling up, you could simpy include my website: www.karahanesphotography.com or tag my account in it!


As always I hope this is educational and helps photographers, past, present and future clients understand. If there is something you’d like to know, shoot me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you! karahanesphotography@gmail.com