How do you effectively communicate in your business to avoid conflicts and create loyal clients? To streamline your photography business and turn inquirers into raving fans, you must up your communication and be willing to go the extra mile with your customer service. 

In this episode of the Cameras and Coffee podcast, Kara Hanes discusses the importance of effective communication and setting expectations in your photography business. She shares her experience and tips on how to streamline getting in touch with potential clients, responding to inquiries, and setting up clients for success. 

Listen in to learn the importance of using a client management system and educating your clients about everything they need to know about your process. You will also learn how to effectively handle sticky situations, such as additional retouching requests and discounts, with professionalism and empathy. 

What You Will Discover:  

[02:42] An exercise to streamline your booking process for potential clients to get in touch. 

[05:45] Why you need to look into a client management system that works for you.

[07:23] How to easily connect with clients on your website to minimize the risk of losing ideal clients. 

[8:22] How to set up clients for success by providing reminders and resources and setting expectations. 

[11:11] How to communicate during the session by filling the silence with praise to build client confidence.

[15:41] Kara’s follow-up process, including sending thank you emails and setting expectations for gallery delivery.

[16:51] How to handle sticky situations such as asking for discounts with professionalism and empathy. 

[19:45] How your above-average customer service will set you apart from other photographers.

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Episode 013: How to Effectively Communicate With Your Clients

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