If there is something I’ve learned it’s that you should never say never in your business. This one thing might come back to prove you were wrong. This very thing is what happened to me and today I wanted to tell you all about why I hated mini sessions and why I never wanted to do them again.

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A couple years ago I had sent my clients an email saying that I was no longer offering mini sessions. I had it. I didn’t want to do them anymore. It was so physically and mentally draining. Not to mention time consuming.

Do you want to know why?

  1. I spent money renting a studio space.
  2. I charged a competitive rate for my area (or what I saw other people posting for mini sessions)
  3. I told my potential clients that they would get X amount of photos and
  4. I usually scheduled these when I realized I really needed to make money because my business was in need of funds.

How I made a change:

  1. Schedule 3 months out
  2. use an email list
  3. charge my worth- I’m telling you how to do this
  4. Don’t give away everything
  5. I changed the set up of delivering galleries- hint, I use cloudspot

Listen in to hear all about these details.

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Episode 004: Why I Hated Mini Sessions

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