Marc and Penny Larabel

_mg_0174_mg_0176_mg_0180They met each other in high school, years, kids and grandkids later they came together and the rest is history – well, sort of. Marc’s love for Penny comes when he sees her mischievous smile along with the look in her eyes. Each story comes with several chapters and this is one of many for Marc and Penny but I’m sure they both agree that this is only the beginning to a wonderful love story.

So after nearly 50 years, these two tied the knot. What a beautiful wintery Sunday, that these two said “I do” with a brisk coolness in the air, the snow slowly blowing in the wind, and their family cheering them on. The trip down the aisle was years in the making and their wedding day will live on for years and years to come. Maybe time really does make the heart grow fonder, right Marc and Penny?


VENDORS: Florist: Hudsonville Floral // Venue: Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens

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