Huisinga Family

Did you know penguins and humans have a lot in common when it comes to marriage and relationships. They fall in love and present a special gift to one another… a pebble. Not just any pebble but one that is just perfect. You may be wondering… Why I’m telling you about penguins? Well Mandy reminded me of this type of love story as I talked with her and John I got to know their’s a little bit. They were both married back when big hair was really in and photography was way different. Remember when you would wait weeks at a time to develop your photos? Well time has changed over the years and John and Mandy have added to the family since. Meet Patrick, Asher and Gabriella. Much like penguins the Huisingas love to be around family and friends and dearly love their children.


Did you know that once two penguins meet that stay together forever?


After 6 years it was time to update their memories and I’m honored that I got to help tell their story.


Something you may not know is that this past Saturday they had held a family election where even the dog had a say in the matter. With today being election day it’s only fitting to announce to you publicly that Madam President Gabriella had won. I do wonder what her first political family move will be… Either way, isn’t she just the cutest?



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